The professional agents at Yonick Real Estate have the expertise to assist you in selling your home through every aspect of the Real Estate transaction. Here are some good reasons you should let an agent from Yonick Real Estate list and market your property:

1. A free market analysis will determine the best selling price for your property based on current market values of comparable properties in your area.

2. By placing a Multiple Listing, a maximum number of realtors and buyers will have access to all the details about your property to promote the quickest sale possible.

3. Your agent will advertise your property and can suggest ways to make it most attractive to prospective buyers.

4. Buyers will be prequalified to make sure they can afford the purchase, and information about financing options can be provided to them.

5. The agent will make appointments to bring prospective buyers for showing your home and keep you up-to-date regarding all activity during the time your house is listed at Yonick Real Estate.

6. When the sale occurs, your agent can make sure any tests, inspections and appointments required, happen as soon as possible. On the date of settlement the agent will be available to represent and assist you.

If you have a property that you would like to sell, click on “Contact Us” and get started today with a Listing at Yonick Real Estate.